They scare the heaven outta hell (or the living daylights outta me)

I Just received an email where one of my friend pointed me to the website.

They have an Article online called “Clowning for Christ – dos and don’ts“, which reminds me of my childhood days and the fear i felt whenever one of those militantly funny “Pennywise” derivates was around.

Clowns were never and probably will never be funny for me. Ok, maybe with one exception: Grock – But that was the best Clown there ever was. At least if you believe the public opinion on clowns.
Not that i suffer from Coulrophobia, but these guys make me feel uncomfortable, because i always think “Why should I have to laugh now?”
Would somebody in a Clown outfit have tried to win me over to Christianity (or any other religion), i would have become an Atheist many, many years earlier. Ok, maybe not if it was Grock – But that was the… and now to something completely different…

To be honest I think, that somebody in full “Clown Gear” (or maybe a Fursuit) could’nt even convince me of leaving a burning car wreck.

But that’s just me. You’re welcome to wear Clown or Furry Gear wherever and whenever you like, if that’s what floats your boat. But be prepared for me to curl myself up on the floor in a fetal position if i meet you unexpectedly.


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