Want the French to leave? Earthquakes may happen.

I just read on PZ Myers’ blog “Pharyngula” that Televangelist Pat Robertson announced, the cause for the Earthquake in Haiti is an oath the Haitian People swore to the devil to get themselves rid of the French. I tried to look that up in Google and came across a Tweet from Jim Milles, where he stated:

Pat Robertson on CBN just said Haiti has had so many troubles bc they swore an oath 2 the Devil in 19th c. 2 free them from the French. #WTF

I haven’t seen it, but WTF would also be the first thing on my mind, if i had.
EDIT: Just came across the youtube Vid, showing above Mr. Robertson.

So there are the Haitians, hit by a major Earthquake and in need of help and that Bible thumping tax collector for God pops up on TV and blames these people for the quake, because they allegedly had sworn an oath to the devil in the 19th century.

Isn’t it nice how full of love and understanding these god-fearing people are? But maybe “deeply religious” translates to “disgusting” just for me.

If I imagine my neighbours house had been set on fire by a lightning and I would walk around, telling people that’s solely my neighbours fault because his great-great-grandpa once farted in Napoleons general direction, they’d think I am a complete nutcase and tell their children to avoid me at all costs.

They surely would not think that I could provide moral guidance or any sort of salvation.


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