New Trend for 2010: Raising people from the dead

Here’s a superb example of what Richard Dawkins calls “The God Delusion.”
Trust me, there is no other way to put it, at least without using words that your Parents forbid you to use.

Ever wanted to raise Aunt Sally from the dead? Now, here’s your chance!

Did you know that Jesus commanded you to raise the dead? No? Well, yes, he did, apparently. And you don’t even have to be “hyper-faithful”, no, standard issue “wafer-turns-into-body-of-christ” faith is just enough. Now, if Jesus says in the Bible that raising the dead is something you could and should do, how are you going to do it?

Don’t worry! It’s as easy as saying “I command you, in the name of Jesus, to come alive NOW!” and *boom* the guy or gal is alive again.

You think I am kidding right? “That german guy is completely bonkers” you think? Well… Not really.

Just take a look at this Video, where a guy tells you how to raise the dead.

In this Video, he reads from scripture where Jesus commanded you to raise the dead and tells his story where he did just that.
In Africa, he made a dead woman, who was, according to him, dead for a few hours and the rigor mortis had set in, and a dead baby come alive again.
The skeptics among us may point out, that the old woman or the baby were not dead when he came across and “revived” them. But hey, when someone in a Video reads from scripture and tells how he rose people from the dead, it has to be true, no?

Oh, please. Save the childrens minds of the World from people like him. I don’t want to imagine what goes on in a childs mind when it hears that it could raise Grandma or Grandpa.

Or that Mom or Dad could have done it and did not.


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