Germans are Assyrians and Hitler’s Regime is in the Bible

The Philadelphia Church of God tells us, why Germans are actually Assyrians, Hitler’s Regime is in the Bible and that Germany is secretly working towards throwing the World into some sort of Armageddon.

Their Pamphlet is made out of Mistakes by the dozen, starting with stating that the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl was a Member of the Social Democrats:

[…] the influence of right-wing
extremism was penetrating even the moderate political parties
like Kohl’s Social Democrats.

Helmut Kohl never was a Member of the Social Democrats. He was a Member of the Christian Democratic Union (Christlich Demokratische Union).

The influence of right-wing extremism is exaggerated throughout the document. Of course there are right-wing extremist parties in germany, but they are politically neglectable as they never made it into the german parliament (Bundestag) and they are closely monitored. There is a Debate going on for years whether to ban these parties or not.
One reason for not banning them is to make sure, that these parties are not “going underground.” As long as they are on the political stage, they can be monitored for the their intentions. The biggest german right-wing extremist Party “NPD” has no serious political power, even on a state level.

A rule of thumb for politicians in germany could be: If the things you say remind the public, even in the slightest way, of anything “Nazi”, you can go home and look for another Job. It is the safest and quickest way to commit political suicide.

They write that

Another survey found that one fourth of German schoolchildren felt that Jewish Holocaust stories were “greatly exaggerated.”

Not only am I not able to find that survey on the net. They even don’t say when or where or how this survey was conducted.
German Schoolchildren not only learn about Nazi Germany the War and the Holocaust, it gets literally hammered into their heads. Its one form of trying to educate people in a way, so that things like that never happen again.

They go on, stating that the City of Trier was founded by the Son of the Assyrian King Ninus.

On das Rotes Haus (the Red House) beside the Steipe, there is a text in Latin boasting that Trier, or Treves, is older than Rome, 1300 years older in fact. That is when Trebeta, son of Semiramis, is said to have founded the town. That’s what it says in the opening paragraph of the Trier Colorphoto Guide to the Town.

This is from a popular myth regarding the foundation of Trier. The evidence says that it was founded by the Romans, although remnants of Neolithic settlements have been found. A celtic Tribe called, in latin, the “Treviri” settled there long before the romans came.
That’s how the Name “Trier” came into being. The romans called their City “Augusta Treverorum” which means “City of [emperor] Augustus in the Land of the Treviri.”

They close with

The history of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire reveals where the events in Europe today are leading. More importantly, God’s prophecies give us an advance preview of what is about to occur in Europe—and how it will affect the whole world. What can you do before it is too late? Seek God while He may be found.

Well, going over every single Mistake would be a painstaking task. The overall impression is, that germany is nothing more than a new “Nazi-Germany waiting to happen” and the german political and industrial leaders are secretly planning World War III, because the Bible says so.

As a German, and as a thinking being, I feel a bit offended – to say the least.


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