One Question regarding the Bible still bugs me

As an Atheist, I am not one of the “enlightened” people and therefore, I ask for a little help.

Living in Germany as an Atheist is absolutely no big deal, because Atheism over here is quite normal. At least it’s nothing other people worry about. Tell an average christian that you’re an Atheist and the answer will be something between “Good for you” and “Why is that?”.

For example, we don’t have a real discussion about creationism here (yet), because at the moment,  creationism is regarded as completely wacky, even by Christians. If you show Videos of the Creationist Museum or of Ray Comfort explaining creation, people think of it as comedy.

But, fundamentalist groups are trying to accumulate more and more political power, which could be an issue in the future, because christian fundamentalism is not regarded as a threat.

I follow the discussion in the USA with growing interest. For me it’s nearly unbelievable that being an Atheist can become such a big deal there. You’re regarded as untrustworthy, just because you don’t believe in the same fairy tales or in no fairy tales at all. For a rational thinking being, it should be the other way around.

I always read about moral issues like, Atheists can not have moral standards because they don’t believe in god, by whom all moral standards have been implemented.

I personally believe that moral standards evolve with a society or within it. Not killing your fellow human gives a society an evolutionary advantage because it furthers stability of said society.
Not killing, stealing or raping is a good thing in itself, it doesn’t get “implemented” by a higher authority.

This leads me (finally) to my question:

How exactly does one derive his moral code from the Bible?

I haven’t yet found anything in it that is not universal in itself, e.g. killing and stealing.

What puzzles me is, that in the Bible, murder, rape or slavery is actually just behavior, at least if it happens in the name of God. God himself kills many, many people for even the slightest disobedience. Fathers give their daughters to rapists, commit incest or are willing to sacrifice their own son.

I know that Religion consists mainly of picking and choosing, but I am really interested how to find morality in a Book, where genocide, slavery, incest, murder is considered a good thing when it’s done the right way.

If you’re willing to help me find an answer to that question, please post a comment. Even Website links would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. Hey, great post. I have written a small response to your dilemma on my Blog page:

    I hope you find the ideas of some use.

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