I officially envy PZ Myers

Not only does that guy sport a beard that, looking at the rate my facial hair grows, I will not able to grow in a year, he also writes things that sometimes speak from my heart.

Because of my sparse knowledge of the beautiful english language (yes, I consider that language beautiful) I am not able to write down anything similar to his “Sunday Sacrilege” Text.

We do not have immortality, but that also means we can throw away the irrelevant crutches of god-belief. We’ve walked successfully without them — cast them away, stand as a proud human being and meet fate without the wishful delusions of faith. That’s why this thought is a sacrilege — it says that we have no need of priests or gods or persistent ghosthood, ideas that have only hobbled us.

Do yourself a favor and read the full text over at PZ Myers’ Pharyngula, it’s really good.


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