The Cure For All Mental Illness

Sometimes I get funny things via Twitter.

@Jack_Wm_Atkins sent me the link to, which is hilarious stuff that made me laugh really hard.
It reads as if someone is mocking nutjobs, but the “buy my book” link looks frighteningly real.

Take a look and decide for yourself, but be warned: Don’t drink something while reading!

Here’s an excerpt:

I was born the First Junior King of Atkins Nation on the 6th of April 1955 at Buckingham County in South Australia. My parents had to stop the train on which they were traveling so that I could be born in a hospital. Buckingham County belonged to my father’s family for thousands of years before it was stolen during the English invasion of Australia. Most of our nation was massacred in the 1880’s.

Today, my home town is Melbourne, Australia. I have an older sister and five younger brothers. My youngest brother was adopted out at birth and I found him four years ago. A fantastic reunion.

In the Atkins Nation all the men are kings and therefore our sovereign has the title of King Of Kings. That’s me.

The list of illnesses the author claims he’s been cured of is funny on it’s own:

I am very pleased to tell you, and to announce to the whole world, that I am now TOTALLY CURED; FULLY RECOVERED, from all of the following:

Nakedness – No PossessionsA Very Tired Soul

Computer Frustration

My Mind Struggling Against My Brain

My Brain Struggling Against My Mind

Loss Of Attractiveness

Dressing Poorly

Mystical Incomes

Victim Of Crimes And Criminals



Money Mismanagement

Community Madness

Mystical Bank Accounts

Zero Dimensional Capitalism

One Dimensional Capitalism

Two Dimensional Capitalism

DNA Malfunction

Unsatisfying Relationships

The whole List features over 100 “illnesses”


As a result of my work, Melbourne, Australia will soon be the world’s first

Madness-Free City.

Are you convinced to buy his book yet?


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